• Restaurant and patio viewed from across a street
  • Patio, roof covered part, tables and seats
  • Interior, seating area

Mi Amiche

About us

The best food and dining experience for our LKN community is centered around our unique and diverse menu offerings.

Born and raised in Upstate NY. As a young child spent countless hours in the kitchen with my Nonni Polizzi and knew that cooking would become an everyday thing, second only to playing sports. As I grew older, my passion for food led me to, as friends and family may say, become a food bully. I can say that my mother was a strong influence in creating my desire for wanting others to enjoy food as much as I do. Today, you can stop at her house any day and be served a seven-course lunch...no exaggeration. Married for over twenty years to my beautiful wife Kim, we decided to move back to NC for life's next chapter. After spending almost three decades as an Automotive Executive, it was time to make new memories. Life is the greatest gift of all and everyone should wake up each day with the goal of making a difference in lives by doing what they truly love to do. My wife and I, want to share our love and passion for food with the LKN community. At Mi Amiche, which translates to "Our Friends," you will have an experience that you have always been looking for and deserve with quality, quantity, and impeccable customer service, all in the most energetic and fun atmosphere. Mi Amiche, Our Friends & Family Eatery...Welcome to our Family!!! - Nick & Kim Bonarrigo